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I'm offering a free sketch of anyone's OCs! All you have to do is make a journal telling others about this offer and link me the journal entry and a character's reference to get one! I will pretty much draw anything, so let me know if there's anything specific! Thanks you guys c: I'm going to have 100 slots open. These will all be done traditionally in one of my sketchbooks.

IMPORTANT! I'M CLOSING THIS WHEN I GET 100 REQUESTS! THESE WILL TAKE SOME TIME, SO PLEASE BE PATIENT! I only have so much time in a day and working on a drawing takes a little while! I will be uploading these in bunches, so please don't ask why I am taking so long.

EDIT: I will be experimenting with different mediums of art! Some may be in colored pencil, some may be marker, and others may be in pen! All will have an inked lineart.

EDIT 2: These will take a longer time than I thought they would to complete! I've decided to upload them all at once when I get all of them done. Thanks for being patient!

Things I can draw:
My Little Pony
Mythical Creatures
Robots (No overly designed robots, I'm not as good at drawing them as I am other things!)
Gore (Any kind of gore is A-okay with me!)
Nudity (No overly sexual stuff please!)

1. :iconvict4278: Ref: Alex the lucario by Vict4278 
Finished!: OC REQUEST 1 - Alex the Lucario by Epic-Aurastorm
2. :iconjackson-the-prey: Ref: Skoryx's  chibi of me by Jackson-the-prey
Finished!: OC REQUEST 2 - Jackson by Epic-Aurastorm
3. :icondevistothezoroark: Ref: Deva and Destiny (WARNING: NUDITY)
Finished! (No link)
4. :iconfirephoenixx456: Ref: Harazu close 2 by firephoenixx456 (WARNING: NUDITY)
Finished!: OC REQUEST 4 - Harazu by Epic-Aurastorm
5. :iconrucchii: Ref: gq3kbhP by Rucchii
Finished!: OC REQUEST 5 by Epic-Aurastorm
6. :iconhinatafox790: Ref: (boku wa a.i.) by Fenmiu (Belongs to :iconfenmiu: )
Finished!: OC REQUEST 6 - Fall0n_tan by Epic-Aurastorm
7. :iconhomestuck149: A troll with mint blood. Her hair is kinda choppy and uneven at the ends and goes to her mid to upperback, and she has one horn that goes up and one that lays flat against her hair and curves going to the side. She wears a over the sholder grey shirt that goes to her mid stomach under it she wears a plain black tank top, and she wears kinda nerdy glasses. For bottoms she wears a pair of shorts with tights under it, and for shoes she wears sneakers both mint green with purple laces. Her weapon is sissors 
Finished!: OC REQUEST 7 - Laniea Reines by Epic-Aurastorm
8. :iconjeejj: Ref: Werefox? by Jeejj
Finished!: OC REQUEST 8 by Epic-Aurastorm
9. :iconaltairsky: Ref:  Hummer: Hoshihoujaku reference by AltairSky
Finished!: OC REQUEST 9 - Hummer by Epic-Aurastorm (It's blurry, I'm sorry!)
10. :iconteamrocketgrunt001: Ref: by Dracocrochet
Finished!: OC REQUEST 10 by Epic-Aurastorm
11. :iconsexyartfan2: Refs: Zenkari's Alone Time by SexyArtFan2Folf Relaxing by SexyArtFan2 and another (No link)
12. :iconmeadowridge99: She is a huge young female gray wolf. And by huge, that means 5 and a half feet tall on all fours. She has green eyes, with feminine eyelashes. She is panting, with her huge pink tongue hanging out of her mouth. Her tongue isn't just long, it's a big tongue all around. It's about 15 inches long and 6-8 inches wide.
13. :iconwhitewolfdreamer27: Refs: Harmony Rose (Paint) by whitewolfdreamer27Forever Yours by whitewolfdreamer27
14. :iconscarletcat1: Ref:  Tina will cut you! by Scarletcat1
15. :iconangelofbeauty88: Ref: Ai no Senshi - Byakko no Rosa by AngelOfBeauty88
16. :iconpamyukawaiibadass:…
17. :iconsamano: Ref: Custom Equipment Type Expedition  by samano
18. :iconwillowintherain:…
19. :iconiamversatility:…
20. :iconprofessoraurabolt: Ref:  More OC's : Lily the stupidly cute horse by ProfessorAurabolt
21. :iconraventhedewott: Ref:  Katherine la Purrloin Y Katlin la Glaceon(Colored) by RavenTheDewott (1st one only)
22. :iconike-banna: Ref: Vapor by Ike-banna
23. :iconstar-destiny: Ref: happy by star-destiny
24. :iconomagatoki: Ref: FullSizeRender by LitheKay Poncho:… Wears a messenger bag. His name is Oma and he has a reserved and introverted but also very intelligent and alert personality. He's a red panda with a poncho just like in the zara picture and a messenger bag.
25. :icondrawplzforum: Ref: Chibi Elias by DrawPlzForum
26. :iconnerdbrosgaming8: 10580003 1550782068473063 8161580479470148549 N & 11150381 345680802288305 7442793577425979898 N standing back to back, and a channel logo. *DIGITAL*
27. :iconbumblebeegirl15: Ref: Melanthios By bumblebeegirl15 by Shadowbee20 
28. :iconretro7:
29. :iconmythic-fox:Ref:  Felda by Mythic-Fox
30. :iconpinapard: Ref:
31. :icondfox20: Ref:  Julia For Dfox20 By Prim15505-d4wk5uc by dfox20
32. :iconthedeadstroke: Ref:  BIO 11 copia by TheDeadstroke
33. :iconvaportrap: Ref:  Nuclear Show: Mel by vaportrap
34. :iconcmykidd: Refs: CMYKidd by CMYKiddCMYKidd~ by CMYKidd
35. :iconhuynher98: Ref: Grey Steel (Friend's OC) by Huynher98 Mask/visor (similar to Raiden's from Metal Gear Rising) with glowing lights (green/orange/red), Plain patterned jacket (black/white/grey scheme), Black samurai spaulders, Grey cargo pants, and Dark brown combat boots
36. :iconsmol-sans: Ref:  Teagan by smol-sans
37. :iconjonwii: Refs: New Look of MH1/2H by jonwii Amon (Half Human, Half Vampire), Adam (Half Human, Half Werewolf), Eve (Half Human, Half Mermaid), & Lilith (Half Human, Half Werecat)
38. :iconekairim: Ref: Kay reff 2015 by Ekairim
39. :iconreiter157: Ref: Walter Quinn ref by Reiter157
40. :icondarkening-skies: Ref:…
41. :iconartemisdonut: Ref:…
Preferred pose:…
42. :iconepicnessrampage: Ref:  Luca Ref by epicnessrampage
43. :iconsabineforce: Ref:… and… holding hands while blushing
Ref for dress:…
44. :iconsonicbran23: Refs: Logan Preaker by Sonicbran23 and Amira Dhorian by Sonicbran23 having a romantic shower together
45. :iconsuperlean: Ref: Sanga-chan~ by superlean
46. :iconstylistic86: Ref:   Lord of the Underground 2: Lucas Parker
Lucas Parker is a former martial arts champion turned professional gambler known for his stylish apparel and his seedy tactics to win at every poker game imaginable. He's also earned a living off of his bets until he found himself on the wrong side of the mob. Lucas secretly owes the mob a lump sum of money, and when the mob found out about his past as a martial arts champion, they've coerced him into entering the Lord of the Underground tournament to win back their money. 
Golden Fists: Lucas punches the opponent with his brass knuckles five times.  
Cash Blast: Lucas shoots green energy from his fists 
Money Stomp: He runs at the opponent, jumps at them and stomps them to the ground with his foot.
Monetary Roundhouse: His feet emit a green energy as he delivers a roundhouse kick.
X-Ray Move:
Cash and Checks: Lucas says "Time to hit the pay dirt!" as he drives his knee into his opponent's skull breaking the forehead. He then delivers a punch

47. :icondragon-kid: Refs:  Battle Rhythm: Damian Williams
Special Moves:
Rocking Suplex: HCB + P (He picks up his opponent, jumps and slams him/her to the other side in the ground. His Super Rhythmic version, Rocking Back Breaker, adds a Bane-styled back breaker after the suplex.)
Clothesline: Hold B for 3 seconds, F + P (He rushes towards his opponent with a powerful punch. Serves as a Combo Opener. His Super Rhythmic version, Superhuman Punch, changes the clothesline for a Roman Reigns-styled punch and deals five hits in succession.)
Irish Wrip: HCB + K (He grapples his opponent and throws him/her to the other side of the screen. Serves as a Combo Opener with LK or MK, where the second part of the throw is an arm hold followed by an elbow strike a la Wade Barrett. His Super Rhythmic version, Total Wrip, has the throwing
 Kotiro by MarcusDark2008
48. :icontenlitenovel: Ref: All Char by tenlitenovel (Anaya in a martial arts pose)
49. :iconsprite-genius: Ref:  Brutal Fists 2: Toshio Mitsuo
Special Moves
Flying Hand-Attack: Toshio launches himself towards his opponent with his palms hitting him/her.Belly Bash: He knocks his opponent far away with his belly.
Stomp Wave: He stomps on the floor, creating a shockwave that hits the opponent standing on the ground.
Rolling Body: He rolls himself into a ball, hurdling at his opponent.
Brutal Style:
Sumo Madness: Toshio stomps on the ground and starts hitting his opponent with his palms and then he kicks the opponent into the air. Toshio jumps up and does a massive belly flop on his opponent, crashing him/her to the ground.
Death Finishes:
Cannonball: Toshio stomps on the ground away from his opponent and leaps high up into the air. He forms a cannonball diving position and falls down to his opponent, crushing him/her into pieces.Bear Hug

50. :iconhexagonalloftie: Ref: Florence Kolvencia Reference by HexagonalLoftie
51. :iconloiswolf: Ref: Blue reference sheet by loiswolf
52. :iconvampiresiberian: Ref: Silver Adam thumb by VampireSiberian
53. :iconkingoffiction: Ref: TPPR10 Contest Entry by KingOfFiction
54. :iconalexthehedgelynx: Refs:……
55. :iconazurusblade: Ref: Raze by AzurusBlade
56. :iconwolfaxis: Ref: WOLF (OC) by WolfAxis
57. :iconpacmanparty: Ref Gloria by pacmanparty
58. :iconknightmoonlight98: Refs: 

Mature Content

John Hakwell's Nightmare by KnightMoonlight98
ME!ME!ME! by KnightMoonlight98Img 20160312 225724 by KnightMoonlight98
59. :iconbio675: Refs:………
60. :icontony-akita: Diablo Vincent Grotti 2016 ref. by Tony-Akita
61. :iconmapuri: Refs:Asha Pony form by mapuri More Pony adopts! (Pony adopts 8) (ON HOLD!) by DarkMistyNights #2
62. :iconhalo-the-eevee: Refs: UnderTale OC Catlina Clawson by Halo-The-Eevee
63. :iconm-hadley: Himiko of Edo
Tanned skin like this:…
Long blue hair:…
Tied with… bit with a golden jewel and hachimaki
copper eyes that have muted snakelike irises and red lips
Outfit:… (skimpy) blouse is white and long sleeved, blue and white collar is longer than usual, resembling a cape
Has a glowing red magatama in the center of her chest…
Wears bracelets, one red, one blue:…
A belt of gold magatama, with a circular golden mirror as a belt buckle, is around her waist, and a short pleated red skirt swirls around her thighs.
shoes (Tengu Geta):…
One of her hands and one of her feet is wrapped in red ribbon.
64. :icondraeckeeon: (None yet)
65. :iconbowser81889: Refs:…
Rosco the Chihuahua by Bowser81889…
66. :iconquaidthehedgehog8: Ref: Alice Reference by Quaidthehedgehog
67. :iconsakukeleaf: Ref: FAKEMON - Santiago Starters: Who Will You Choose? by SakukeLeaf
68. :iconrushithewarrior: Ref: Cherushi by RushiTheWarriorRushi by RushiTheWarrior (with bandages)
69. :iconshadowisleo: Ref: My Friend Koeichi Drew It! by ShadowIsLeo (Sneak in a Lucario?)
70. :iconcyrinthia: Ref: Beauty Reference by Cyrinthia
71. :iconamy-ros: Ref: Ask 1 by amy-ros (No shoes)
72. :iconwalterbl: OC Reference tristan by WalterBl
73. :icondjpanda2: Terra Ref 2016 by djpanda2
74. :iconmagdazoroark99: Creative Couple! (NEW CHARACTERS!) by magdazoroark99MEGA MOTHERS! by magdazoroark99Light and darkness together they are stronger! by magdazoroark99
75. :iconsneakylizard: Johann Callan preliminary drawings by RedShoulderHis hair is brown and his eye color is blue, also, his clothing will be different. He will wear blue jeans, blue and black sneakers, and a small black, denim vest (he will not wear anything underneath the vest).
As bulky as this: DBM cover chapter 16 by BK-81 and posed like this:…
76. :iconbio675:…………
The head on the right is a collie, the head in the middle is a golden retriever, and the head on the left is a german shepherd.

Also, commissions are currently open! Here's the journal for more info: Commissions Still Open! My commissions will always be done before any requests, and I do my requests in order and mainly on weekends as well. Thanks for your patience!
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Aurastorm the Lucario
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Welcome to my page! I am Aurastorm, a Lucario who has a hobby in drawing. Most of the art on this page are things I uploaded because I (a) Liked it or (b) Had nothing to upload at the moment so I uploaded sketches (Not like I do that or anything <.<; )

Well, thanks for visiting! I hope you enjoy your stay. c:

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My other accounts:… (FA) (Tumblr)

Friends I know IRL:
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Here's where to pay for commissions c:

Point Commissions - Open by SweetDuke

:bulletgreen: Pricing is as follows:

:bulletgreen: Icons
Uncolored - 10 :points:
Flat - 15 :points:
Full - 20 :points:

:bulletred: Headshot

Uncolored sketch - 20 :points:
Uncolored lineart - 30 :points:
Flat colored sketch - 25 :points:
Flat colored lineart - 35 :points:
Fully colored and shaded sketch - 40 :points:
Fully colored and shaded lineart - 45 :points:

:bulletgreen: Half Body

Uncolored sketch - 30 :points:
Uncolored lineart - 40 :points:
Flat colored sketch - 35 :points:
Flat colored lineart - 45 :points:
Fully colored and shaded sketch - 50 :points:
Fully colored and shaded lineart - 55 :points:

:bulletred: Full Body

Uncolored sketch - 40 :points:
Uncolored lineart - 50 :points:
Flat colored sketch - 45 :points:
Flat colored lineart - 55 :points:
Fully colored and shaded sketch - 60 :points:
Fully colored and shaded lineart - 65 :points:

:bulletgreen: Mature content like gore, nudity or sensitive material will cost 10 points extra, and additional characters in a picture will cost 5 points extra each

:bulletred: If there is anything else you have in mind let me know, I'll decide the price.

Keep in mind, it may be a while before I get them finished as I am still in school and it takes forever to get homework done. I will try to get the commission done as soon as I can. Thank you!

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Got a 25 overall score on my ACT! 36 is the highest score with 20 being the average in the world.
OC REQUEST 10 by Epic-Aurastorm
#10 of the many requests I've gotten!

Here's the journal for more information:…

This took longer than I thought it would, but it was fun! ^^Thanks for letting me draw these two!

Characters belong to :iconteamrocketgrunt001:
Artwork belongs to me!
OC REQUEST 9 - Hummer by Epic-Aurastorm
OC REQUEST 9 - Hummer
#9 of the many requests I've gotten!

Here's the journal for more information!:…

This was pretty hard, and I know I messed up a lot of details, but I tried my best! ^^

OC belongs to: :iconaltairsky:
Artwork belongs to me!
OC REQUEST 8 by Epic-Aurastorm
#8 of the many OC requests that I've gotten!

Here's the journal for more info:…

I really liked drawing her! It was fun. ^^

Character belongs to: :iconjeejj:
Artwork belongs to me!
OC REQUEST 7 - Laniea Reines by Epic-Aurastorm
OC REQUEST 7 - Laniea Reines
#7 of the many requests I've gotten!

Here's the journal for more information:…

This character was really fun to draw! ^^

Character belongs to: :iconhomestuck149:
Artwork belongs to me!

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